Corinne Hambourg Visscher, born Bath, earned her Bachelor of Music degree from Boston University in 1986 and her Master of Music degree from the St. Louis Conservatory in 1990.

She participated in the orchestral training program at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto and also studied at the Banff Centre. Her principal teachers have included Klement Hambourg, Rafael Druian, Stevern Staryk and Jaime Laredo.

Corinne became Principal Second Violinist of the Harrisburg Symphony in 1990 and was also a member of the Reading Symphony in Pennsylvania. From 1992-2004 Corinne was a first violinist with the Victoria Symphony in British Columbia and was also on the faculty of the Victoria Conservatory of Music. She was a founding member of the Savitri String Quartet, which was featured on CBC Radio’s “Live at Disc Drive” with Jurgen Gothe.

Corinne has also toured Canada and the United States several times with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Orchestra. In 2007 Corinne earned her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Calgary and is currently teaching music for the Calgary Board of Education.

Corinne now teaches as a music specialist for the Calgary Board of Education.

Preludio from Sonata in D - Antonio Corelli | Listen

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