Maria Hambourg

Born in New Zealand, Maria Beauchop came to Canada in 1917 and quickly established herself as a piano teacher of distinction, a patron of the arts, and a hostess with remarkable social skills. She was an active member of the Women's Musical Club of Toronto, the Women's Art Association and the Heliconian Club. Boris and Maria were married in 1923, the same year he became a founding member of the world famous Hart House String Quartet. After Boris's death in 1954, Maria launched the Boris Hambourg Memorial Cello Scholarship, now administered by the Royal Conservatory's Glenn Gould School. Awarded annually, this scholarship has assisted many gifted young cellists to pursue their studies and establish a professional career.

To be at the very heart of the musical life of Toronto, to have known many celebrities, and to be herself married to a celebrity, and yet to maintain an independent spirit and an individual outlook,--this is the characteristic of Mrs. Boris Hambourg, the gifted wife of the Director of the Hambourg Conservatory of Music.
Hilda Ridley, Saturday Night, October 17, 1927.

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